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Awnings, windbreaks and canopies

Cassette awnings

Awnings not only help to maintain the right temperature inside your home, but also protect it from the sun’s rays, rain, wind and pollution.

These external elements can affect the appearance and lifespan of the awning, but thanks to the cassette awning system, the most delicate parts of the awning are protected when it is not in use.

Cassette awnings are therefore more durable, as the fabric and arms are enclosed in a “cassette” formed by the aluminium frame, keeping them away from dust, sun, water and pollution.

Straight-point awnings

Straight-point awnings are the go-to to protect balconies, windows and terraces from the sun, as they provide ample shade.

A straight-point or fixed-arm awning is very resistant to the sun, wind or rain and is also very versatile, providing a wide range of inclination angles.

They can protect your home or premises from both temperature changes and UV rays, allowing you to create optimal ventilation.

Straight-point awnings have two arms that extend and retract the awning, exerting a constant tension on the fabric ensuring no folds or creases.

Articulated awnings

The articulated awnings have extendable arms and thanks to the way in which these arms are installed and retracted, they allow the awning to pass underneath and along the sides.

The articulated awning is a solid awning system, which can cover large spaces such as patios, gardens, café or restaurant terraces, etc.

Thanks to its tilt adjustment system, it is very versatile and adaptable to almost any need.

Retractable or sliding awnings

Sliding awnings are an ideal solution to protect terraces, roof terraces, attics, patios, swimming pools and large spaces from the sun, wind and rain.

Their solid construction offers maximum stability and resistance to strong gusts of wind.

They have an adjustable opening system and can be installed horizontally or at an angle, between walls, from wall to structure, or self-supporting.

Windbreak awnings

Windbreak awnings are awnings that are raised and lowered vertically to the ground or the lower part of the window or balcony.

They eliminate the nuisance caused by the sun or wind. Some models have a window made of transparent materialthat allows a view of the landscape.

Windbreak awnings also provide privacy on your terrace, serve to separate rooms and are an ideal complement to pergolas installed on penthouses.

Canopy awnings

The canopy awning is the ideal model for protecting shop windows, entrances or doors from the sun.

Not only does it offer protection, but it can also be used to decorate your business premises as it is visually attractive and highly decorative.

Its design is classic and elegant and can easily be decorated with your branding.

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