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Roller shutters

Our made-to-measure roller shutters offer privacy andprotection against the sun, strong winds and rain.

The blinds help to regulate the light in the house and the temperature in both winter and summer.

The slats and boxes are available in many colours and materials such as PVC and aluminium.

Roller shutters increase the security of your home, creating an additional barrier to entry.

They keep out dust and minimise ambient sound.

Due to their quick and easy installation, roller shutters are an all-round solution to get more out of your home.

External Venetian blind

We manufacture made-to-measure external Venetian blinds in a wide variety of different colours so that they always fit in with the aesthetics of your home or premises.

The slats are made of aluminium in widths of 50, 60 and 80 mm.

Thanks to a simple operating mechanism, you can adjust the amount of light passing throughto suit your needs.

And not only do they impede the passage of light; heat can be kept away from the glass and a lower temperature can therefore be maintained inside the room, thus saving energy.

This means that not only can we prevent the sun from entering the room, but we can also prevent it from heating the windows and therefore reduce your home’s electricity bill.

The adjustable slats also allow you to keep the air circulating and to see outside, while preventing you from being seen.

As well as via a manual mechanism, they can also be operated using a motor controlled by pushing a button or by remote control.

They are very easy to clean and maintain, as it is not necessary to take them down to do so.

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