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Bioclimatic pergolas

Made-to-measure bioclimatic pergolas

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

Bioclimatic pergolas provide shade and regulate the temperature of an outdoor area thanks to motorised aluminium adjustable slats.

These slats open or close, automatically in some models, to decide how much ventilation, light or shade, and therefore temperature, is required at any given time.

Bioclimatic pergolas also protect you from solar radiation, rain, wind or snow, and thanks to the fact that their slats close hermetically and have a drainage system, you can stand under them without fear of getting wet.

Installing bioclimatic pergolas is simple and no building work is necessary, as they have their own structure on which they are supported, with either four pillars or attached to a wall on one side and supported by just two pillars. The designs are made to measure to suit your needs.

Bioclimatic pergolas can be complemented with a multitude of accessories such as LED lights, heaters, home automation devices, sensors that regulate temperature and solar radiation, rain or wind sensors, audio systems, etc.

If you want an installation with total protection, you can add glass enclosures or windbreaks to your bioclimatic pergola.

Besides being a piece of innovative bioclimatic architecture, this type of pergola, like traditional pergolas, makes it possible to extend the living area of homes, terraces, gardens, hospitality businesses and hotel penthouses.

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